6th january 1960 : Gene tours the UK again, for twelve days, in the Granada theatres.

The tour begins the 6th in Maidstone and then Gene performs through all the country: the 7th in Harrow, the 8th in Darford, the 9th in Rugby, the 10th in Walthamstow, the 11th in Kingston, the 12th in Aylesbury, the 13th in Bedford, the 14th in Kettering, the 15th in Grantham, the 16th in Mansfield, and the 17th at the Adelphi of Sough.


Kingston Granada Monday 11th January 1960



Gene was accompanied by the Rockets for this tour, which was organized by Don Arden. Wee Willie Harris and Al Saxon openned the shows.

The tour is a success. Gene is very popular and he is now considered as a huge star.

Gene rushes back to the USA to record a new album, « Crazy Times », with guitarist Jerry Merritt.

But America seems to have forgotten Rock ‘n’ Roll. Success is not met.

Eddie Cochran, who did not get much attention in the USA, decides to tour in the UK with Gene in february 60. These two singers are friends, their careers are intervened and they have helped each other many times before.

11th january 1960 : a reception is held for the arrival of Eddie Cochran in London, with Peter Haigh, Paul Hollingdale, Billy Fury, Joe Brown and Jack Good :


Eddie Cochran & Gene Vincent






1st february 1960 : the Beat Show tour starts in Glasgow, and will last eight weeks, through Scotland and England. Larry Parnes organized the whole thing. Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran are accompanied by Marty Wilde’s Wild Cats (with Georgie Fame) and the Four Beat Boys. Vince Eager, Billy Fury and Joe Brown star in the first part. In Scotland, Billy Raymond, the Viscounts, Sally Kelly, the Tony Sheridan Trio and George Fame are also part of the show.



Gene plays Framus bass 1960 theater Empire Glasgow

Gene and Eddie

12th/20th and 27th february 1960 : rehearsals for the TV show Boy Meets Girls, with Billy Fury, Jess Conrad, Joe Brown, Adam Faith and Marty Wilde :


Gene, Joe Brown, Billy Fury, Eddie Cochran

Eddie, Gene & Marty Wilde (the host of the show)






March 1960 : release of the album " Crazy Times" (Capitol T 1342 mono / ST 1342 stereo US) Crazy Times / She She Little Sheila / Darlene / Everybody's Got A Date But Me / Why Don't You People Learn How To Drive / Green Back Dollar / Big Fat Saturday Night / Mitchiko From Tokyo / Hot Dollar / Accuentuate The Positive / Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain / Pretty Pearly (also available as two EP’s)




1st april 1960 :

Eddie Cochran and Gene with « Miss Desert Island »




There was a great complicity between Gene and Eddie ! a solid friendship






16th april 1960 : on this Saturday, the touring in the UK comes to an end with the show at the Bristol Hippodrome.

Gene and Eddie’s talent and professionalism provoke enthusiastic reactions.

They often have to do two shows per nights. Eddie Cochran suffers from insomnia, and Gene catches a pneumonia which will turn into a pleurisy. The doctor’s advice don’t change a thing: Gene and Eddie keep on singing with a unusual energy.


The Bristol Hippodrome Theatre


17th april 1960 : they were to come back to the USA on this day for a ten days long break.

Gene had to go back to the USA for a recording session, Eddie was supposed to mary Sharon Sheeley who had joining him for the tour.

The taxi on which they rode to the Heathrow airport had an accident, causing the death of Eddie Cochran, injuring his fiancée Sharon Sheeley and Gene Vincent, making worse the problems he had already had with his leg in 1955. Gene also broke a clavicle and some ribs.

Once in Chippenham, in the Wilshire around one in the morning, the taxi took a turn and hit a cement pole.


The place of the accident, with a commemorative plaque on the left


While he was at the hospital, Gene keeps saying he wants to talk to Eddie.


Eddie et  Sharon


Tribute to



20th april 1960 : after a three days long convalescence, Gene comes back to the USA with Sharon and Eddie’s body to stay with his family in the state of Washington.





Gene comes back alone, video :

Gene, New York airport


« Gene was so upset » says Darlene « he was very close to Eddie. He talked a lot about Eddie and sent flowers to his funerals but he did not go himself because he couldn’t have stood it».


30th april 1960 :  Gene comes back to the UK for the rest of the tour at the Hanley Gaumont Theatre, until the 21st may, accompanied by the Beat Boys (with Georgie Fame and Colin Green). However, the show planned on the 27th april in Paris was cancelled.

It is very hard for Gene to go back to the UK and finish the tour. But he gave his word.

He arrives in London with singer Jerry Keller, who has to replace Eddie.

Their arrival in Heathrow is similar to december 59 : same place, same building, same reception, but this time there is no music and the fans who gathered for the event show sad faces.


11th may 1960 : a recording session in the Saint John Wood studios in London is organized for Gene, accompanied by the Beat Boys and the Norrie Paramor Orchestra

Gene recorded a great ballad, « Weeping Willow ». The song dedicated to Gene’s mother was thought to be written by Debbie Lynn, but was in fact created by Gene himself, since Debbie was his daughter in law (Darlene’s daughter) and Lynn was one of his sisters.

(check out this section : his life/surroundings/Gene’s parents – Gene’s parents account about “Weeping Willow”)

21st may 1960 : Gene performs at the Buone Valenze TV show in Italia, after his show at the Casina Delle Rose in Rome.


Blue Jean Bop 1960

1st june 1960 : a new UK tour starts at the Rochester Gaumont theatre.


June 1960 : UK release of "Pistol Packin' Mama" / " Weeping Willow" (Capitol 15136 UK)

17th june 1960 : Gene learns the death of his 18 months old daughter, melody. Luckily, the wire was a fake!

18th june 1960 : after his concert at the Nottingham Royal Theatre, Gene decides to go back to the USA to heal his feet, which hurts him.

19th june 1960 : Gene is back in the USA for a stay in a hospital in California.

Show without Gene


September 1960 : release of "Anna Annabelle" / " Pistol Packin' Mama" (Capitol F 4442 US)

September 1960 : Gene starts a ten days long tour in Alaska, followed by other states. He is accompanied by the Fenderman. Norm Riley hires him for a four weeks long tour in Alaska.

13th october 1960 : Birth of Gene’s son, named Gene Vincent Jr.

November 1960 : release of the album "Those Good Old Memories" (Capitol T 1414 US) : "Be-Bop-A-Lula" / "Lotta Lovin'"  (also featuring Royal Teens, Sonny James, Ed Townsend, Fives Keys, Four Preps, Nat King Cole, Johnny Otis, Cheers, Tommy Sands).

November and 28th december : Gene stars twice at the Prom Ballroom of Saint Paul (Minnesota), with the Fendermen and Wanda Jackson.

Gene et Wanda Jackson (56)



In 1960, Gene Vincent and his second wife Darlene lived in Oregon with Debie, the daughter Darlene had had from a previous wedding, and their daughter Melody. But Gene spent most of his time touring in Europe, which did not help improving his relationship to his wife. Gene Jr was borin in october, but the following year, Darlene left Gene and took the children with her. This unstable life spent on the road had lead to a second divorce.


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